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CARisma Wash is a high-tech spin of the convenient automatic car wash system. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a clean car with extra services such as our Lava Shield Car Wash, which cleans, shines, and protects and even includes tire shine!
"CARisma" (ka-riz’ma). A personal magic of leadership, arousing popular loyalty & enthusiasm. A special magnetic charm.
Star quality. A very fast, very good & very inexpensive automatic car wash!

Making Cars Shine with CARisma: A Veteran Owned and Locally Operated Car Wash
USA Veteran & Locally Owned Business
Ron Pickett, Owner, CARisma Wash, Houston, TX
Ron Pickett
Chad Geer, Director of Sites, CARisma Wash, Houston, TX
Chad Geer
Director of Sites
Quick!, CARisma Mascot, CARisma Wash, Houston, TX
CARisma Mascot


Need help with FASTPASS?
How do I check my Gift Card balance?
How do I add funds to my gift card?
  • When your balance is below $7, you can add funds at our payment terminals.  If you are on site, our attendants can also add funds in the office.
Are monthly membership plans available?
Can I pay for a membership with a gift card?
  • No.
How do I know how many washes I have left in my WASH BOOK?
  • Please select PRINT RECEIPT at the payment terminal.  The receipt will show REMAINING WASHS on the lower right.

What if I lose my  WASH BOOK receipt?
  • Please treat it as cash.  There is no refund or replacement for wash books.  We suggest to take a photo of the receipt upon purchase.
What are your hours?
  • 8 AM to 8 PM Everyday.

How much are washes?

Do you have a rain check policy?
  • Yes , we have 2 wash packages that offer a Clean Car Guarantee. Just use the code on your receipt. 

Do you dry the vehicle?
  • Yes, we use air dryers.

Is Vacuum included?
  • Yes! FREE self-service vacuuming, is included with the purchase of a car wash.

What is used to wash the vehicles?
  • We use a soft cloth to wash your vehicles.

What is the maximum height of any vehicle you can wash?
  • Maximum height is 84’’ 
Are you hiring or taking applications?
  • We are always accepting applications at all of our three locations or you can Apply Online.
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